Jerry Kirkpatrick Shows How the Deep State and Left Are Responsible for Many Coronavirus Deaths

What is happening in the U.S. right now is very disheartening. We are letting ourselves be panicked into accepting the government telling us to close our businesses, threatening to cut off our water and electric if we fail to comply, arresting us if we dare to throw a party for a loved one’s birthday or wedding engagement, and more. Worst of all, we are applauding as they cause our national debt to soar, and Nancy Pelosi is pushing for more and more.

This paragraph in a recent posting by Jerry Kirkpatrick sums up a lot:

After enjoying two takeout meals that were in fact as good as their counterparts in the restaurants, I found myself longing for the opening of speakeasy restaurants—in the rebellious spirit Americans have always exhibited, going back to the era of Prohibition and the American Revolution.

Where is our backbone, the spirit that got us through two world wars, the insanity of Prohibition, and the madness of the hippie sixties?

We need to stop the Dems from using this as an opportunity to grab, grab, grab.

Read full article here.

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