The Anti-Capitalism Virus Strikes Again

The masks, the lockdowns, and yes even the government budget-busting “bailouts” are just ways that the virus from Wuhan, China, is being used to destroy Capitalism.

Another small business bites the dust but rages “against the dying of the light”, as Dylan Thomas wrote.

The owners of The Mermaid Inn in New York City are as much a victim of this virus as well as of the draconian, power-mad policies of Governor Cuomo and Mayor di Blasio as were those Senior Citizens in those nursing facilities.

Read the full article on The Mermaid Inn here.

As Capitalists, we are under assault. A virus with a mortality rate of .4% (and therefore a survival rate of 99.6%) is being used to keep us all scared and to impoverish us. We are the little bird in Stalin’s hand being plucked clean of its feathers. Time to fly away!

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